Meticulous steps are taken en route to building flavours. The very best flavours.

Then come the gestures and sounds, aromas that mix with gazes and satisfaction expressed in smiles.

These are the moments creating memories of the good things in life.

Minister for Economy Affairs visited Porminho | OUT17


At Porminho, the activity growth is a natural consequence of the work developed with sustainability in mind, a sustainability that results from a process aimed at reducing, at each stage, the dependence of short-term factors. Therefore, the growth plans take root in various aspects of the organisation, as the extension of targeted markets, the diversification and renewal of the range of product-offers and the reinforcement of the corporate culture and its response capacity.


This reality of Porminho, illustrated in the social, economic and financial plan, is recognised by the institutions and the markets. This framework and the fact that it is a reference were very clear during the visit of the Minister for Economic Affairs to the company. It was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to show the dimension of our present and the nature of our commitment to the future.

Porminho on TSF radio | OUT17


Who we are, where we are, which way we are going. In a few words, we spoke of the social, economic and corporate reality of our company. On TSF radio.

Our institutional video presentation

Porminho’s new advertising campaign is on the air | OUT17


A 30-second spot, full of joviality, sprinkled with healthy and inspired humour, for great moments of… crispy tastes and aromas. This time, we have elected one of the products that is best identified by the market as being emblematic of Porminho – Bacon. Besides it is the most consumed cold meat product in the whole world. A product that, for its nature, is an “open book” on the quality of a brand and the underlying work. For us, its success is an excellent indicator of the way the consumers recognise our work.


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